Uitgeverij: Penguin
Jaar: 1992
Druk: 2e
© 1989 The Paris Review
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The Paris Review’s editor, George Plimpton, has selected the best and most illuminating insights that the writers have provided and arranged them by subject rather than by author. The book is divided into four parts: “The Writer: A Profile” (including the sections “On Reading,” “On Work Habits,” On the Audi-
ence,” etc.); Part II is “Technical Matters” (“On Style,” “On Plot,” etc.); Part III is “Different Forms” (“On Biography,” “On Journalism”); and Part IV is “The Writer’s Life,” covering topics like conferences, courses, and teaching, along with a section in which writers provided portraits of other writers

Genre: interviews, schrijfhulp
Onderwerpen: schrijven, schrijversleven