The Last Butterfly of Summer

Today the last butterfly of summer has died
it simply dropped down near my feet.
I suppose the time had come for it’s final glide
as there are too few flowers left to meet.

It’s how things are when autumn arrives
just the natural consequence of time.
So I didn’t even try to save it’s little life
Just watched how it had lost it’s sublime.

I realized that there’s some beauty in death
when it comes after such a useful life.
After all, it had surely given it all it’s best
and now lost it’s last reasons to strive.

So I saw how it slowly folded it’s old wings
tumbled over on it’s left side and froze.
The end had come for this butterfly’s flings
but then I noticed on a distance a rose.

It’s leaves still full of colour around it’s bud
like untouched silk after a virgin’s night.
The flower slowly gave a noticeable nod
as if she’d lost a friend and silently cried.

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