The Author

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles.

Jack Kerouac, writer 

Jack Kerouac's phrases from his novel 'On the Road' describe Anna A Ros. After all, a person is best described by her loves, desires and temptations, vulnerabilities and passions. So these lines have also become her life motto.


Anna A Ros is the pseudonym of Alice Anna Verheij. She was born in The Hague in 1962 and grew up there. After a long career in automation and organisational advice, a turning point in her life came in 2004 that eventually took her to Nepal and India and to writing. Her debut novel 'Eén latte, een cappu en een espresso’ about three women battling an international gang of women traffickers was published in 2010 under her own name. Influenced by her work in Nepal, the English-language novel ‘Headwind, Laxmi’s Story’ which will be published in 2018 in completely revised form in Dutch under the title ‘Geen weg terug voor Laxmi.’ In addition to novels, the picture book appeared under her own name ‘Unforgotten’ which provides insight into the existence of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal and the Netherlands. In 2017, she made her debut as a poet with the collection OVERLEVEN.

Anna A Ros is also a gifted photographer and documentary artist with several exhibitions in the Netherlands to her credit.

Anna A Ros's books are characterised by socially relevant themes that she sets against a surprising historical framework. This is based on thorough research, making her work particularly credible. Despite this, she is able to convey a deep engagement with the subjects in rich language.

Since 2013, she has lived in Middelburg where she worked on ‘Surrogaat’, een tijdreisverhalenboek dat ze samen met Floortje Zwigtman schrijft en vormgeeft, een nieuwe historische roman en verschillende andere schrijfprojecten, poëzie en fotowerk. Daarnaast is ze schrijfdocente en geeft les in het SchrijfLab van de ZB| Planbureau en Bibliotheek van Zeeland.


Published by WordsStorm:

  • 2007 A Family Affair - stage script
  • 2010 Eén latte, een cappu en een espresso - novel
    (revised edition in 2018)
  • 2012 Headwind, Laxmi’s Story - novel
    (Dutch translated edition in 2018)
  • 2012 Unforgotten - photo book (English)
  • 2017 OVERLEVEN - poetry bundle
  • 2018 The Surrogate - historical novel
  • 2018 Een horzel steekt niet - historical novel

In preparation:

  • 2018 Geen weg terug voor Laxmi - novel (NL translation and completely revised edition)

On her author website you will find more information about Anna and the books she is working on.