The Surrogate (Spring 2023)

ISBN: not yet available
Publisher: Woord & Storm, realisation: Brave New Books
Number of pages: 519
Bound: paperback
Price: €27,99
Language: English

The Surrogate, is a novel in which protagonist Dorothy Dene (née Ada Alice Pullan) – an actress and painter’s model of simple origins in late Victorian London – speaks about her life, her ambitions and her search for love. It is the story of a young woman in a male-dominated world who takes care of her family while becoming the muse of one of the greatest painters of the time: Frederic Leighton, the president of Royal Academy of Arts. George Bernard Shaw’s Eliza Doolittle – My Fair Lady – is partly based on her life.

Anna A. Ros (1962) surprises with this hefty historical novel. The Dutch novelist researched the life of her protagonist for years, resulting in a very credible account of the life and challenges of this remarkable woman. For Anna The Surrogate is her second novel that has been translated for an English speaking audience.

The Surrogate will be published in the Spring of 2023 by Woord & Storm and will become internationally available online. Pre-orders and evaluation copies can ordered by sending a request via the contact form on this website.

The Surrogate was previously published in Dutch in 2018.

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